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Partnerships are crucial to eCopy's success as we work to deliver robust, flexible and cost-effective solutions to our customers. Our customers are looking for document imaging solutions that dramatically improve their operational efficiency and business productivity. They want to spend less time chasing paper and more time improving their bottom line profitability.

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For example, they may want to improve the workflow of their accounts payable process so that they can take advantage of early payment discounts. Such a solution may likely require multiple types of equipment, software and services from multiple vendors. It may likely require vendor offerings that include office multifunction devices and/or scanners, OCR and document scanning software, accounting workflow and application software and network systems software that authenticates an employee's right to access the solution, such as Active Directory.

At eCopy, we have formed partnerships with many leading organisations to enhance the value of the solutions that we offer and strengthen our ability to provide the breadth of integration capabilities available in the document imaging and distribution market. Our partnering philosophy is unique and creates differentiation and competitive advantage for ourselves and the companies we partner with. Our partners form an ecosystem around us: a community of businesses functioning as a team to deliver solutions that are some of the best available in the marketplace.

eCopy provides a cross-device standard platform that enables hardware and software vendors to work independently and efficiently to provide a customer solution that delivers a common user experience in a variety of office environments and with a broad variety of common office scanning and multifunction devices. eCopy's ecosystem includes office equipment manufacturers, office equipment resellers, system integrators (SIs), value added resellers (VARs) and independent software vendors (ISVs), working to deliver business customer solutions.

Office Equipment Manufacturers

Business customers of eCopy solutions enjoy the benefit of being able to use their solution(s) without worrying about which type or brand of MFP or scanner they currently have throughout their organisation, or new/different brand(s) of equipment that they may deploy in the future. eCopy is the standard platform that runs on the vast majority of multifunction printers and office scanners. Their solution is flexible, employees can use the same familiar solution regardless of the type of imaging equipment being used. The value of the software investment is protected in the event that office equipment needs to change.

eCopy office equipment manufacturer partners receive the benefits of the experience that eCopy has gained from 10+ years of providing imaging and routing solutions for office knowledge workers. Partnering with eCopy provides equipment manufacturers with immediate integration with over 100 business applications. They can create value and bring new solutions to market quickly by packaging complete solutions that include eCopy and our ecosystem partner(s).

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eCopy solutions for scanners work with over 300 devices within the categories of workgroup, departmental and low volume production (LVP) scanner segments. eCopy partners with EMC to integrate our ShareScan software with their [ISIS] driver. Scanner manufacturers include the [ISIS] driver with their devices. Business customers benefit from superior support delivery, as the EMC and eCopy partnership provides eCopy with access to EMC's certified driver as well as their in-house lab containing over 400 scanners for trouble shooting and resolution.

Reseller Partners

Business customers of eCopy solutions are able to purchase their solution from their preferred solution sales source. eCopy has a comprehensive, easy to implement programme for office equipment resellers and SI/VARs who want to sell the eCopy product line. The programme focuses on providing top notch solution-focused sales and marketing support, live and web-based training and access to an industry-exclusive conference, the Paper Connection Forum.

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Software Alliance Programmes

eCopy Software Alliance Partners work jointly with eCopy to develop and deliver robust solutions by participating in the eCopy Connections Alliance Programme (eCAP). eCAP exists to support our software alliance partners who develop using eCopy Software Development Kits (SDKs). These partners use eCopy's SDKs to build API level connections between business software applications or workflows and eCopy PaperWorks and eCopy ShareScan, as well as adding API integrated document services to eCopy ShareScan. eCopy Software Alliance Partners include representatives from all parts of our ecosystem.

They also get the benefit of broad connectivity to virtually all the major brands of multifunction devices and over 300 office scanners, avoiding the overwhelming cost and complexity of developing and managing software for all of these different equipment operating systems and interfaces. Write one connector and connect to virtually all devices.

ISVs and SI/VARs can bring back-office work processes involving scanning and document technologies into the front office by using the eCopy document services SDK to incorporate functionality without complexity into their solutions. With these solutions, advanced workflows can be performed in the front office by knowledge workers, in the normal course of their work.

Many of our Software Alliance Partners are corporate IT departments. These departments provide integration services to their company's lines of business and departments. In addition to the benefits of enabling their knowledge workers to add paper documents directly into electronic workflows and business software applications from virtually any front office multifunction device or scanner, corporate IT departments benefit from the ability to extend the useful life of their legacy software applications by writing connections to eCopy.

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