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Putting the win-win in speech recognition

As EHRs become standard in every doctor practice and clinic, the demand for speech recognition is rising – and Dragon Medical from Nuance Healthcare is one of the hottest products in healthcare information technology today.

The challenge? Selling, training and supporting these providers. To meet that challenge, Nuance relies on its Dragon Medical Channel Partners to provide a full suite of services to their customers including reselling, consulting, pre- and post-sales support, customisation, training and technical support for Dragon Medical. In return, Nuance provides a full set of entitlements and partner support -- the Nuance Healthcare Connections Partner Programme.

  • Affiliation with the industry leader in speech recognition; a company with a proven track record, outstanding financial results, an award-winning product line and an extensive customer base
  • Training on the intricacies of Nuance’s products to communicate effectively key features and benefits to customers
  • Partner collateral and other demand generation support
  • Recognition as a company qualified to sell and service the Dragon Medical product line.
  • Sales and marketing resources and tools from Nuance Healthcare that enable you to support your customers and grow your business.
  • Increase the value of your offerings to clinicians
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Establish industry leadership
  • Drive business profitability to new levels

Healthcare Connections Partner Programme

The Nuance Healthcare Connections Partner Programme fosters partnerships by:

  • Providing the best speech recognition available in the market today
  • Training partners on the intricacies of Nuance’s products so they can appropriately communicate key features and benefits to their end customers
  • Offering partner collateral and other demand generation support

Nuance authorises partners via a stringent certification process, designed to establish partners’ credibility and enhance their effectiveness by equipping sales, marketing, training and support teams appropriately.


Nuance Central

Authorised Healthcare Connections partners have access to Nuance Central.

It is a dedicated, partner-friendly website with materials to help you better market and sell Dragon Medical.

Nuance Central contains a variety of resources, including: Programme information, sales and technical support materials and customer-facing collateral. These materials are available for you to print or view on-demand.


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