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Where does all your time go?
Find out – and see how you can claw
it back.

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The Power of PDFs

Managing and creating text-based documents uses a lot of time. See how much better things can be with the right PDF software.

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Small Business Start-Ups

Hit the ground running with our top 10 technology purchasing tips when starting a business.

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PDF Competitor Matrix

Can your PDF software do THIS? Prepare to be surprised.

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PDF Form Filling

Do static forms give you a headache? Find out how to unlock them with PowerPDF.

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Speech Recognition for Businesses

It’s not just about dictation. It’s about whole new levels of efficiency.

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The Speech Recognition Experiment

Type or talk? Who wins? Find out now.

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Introducing Dragon 13

Increased speed, accuracy and flexibility make it our best Dragon.

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Introducing Power PDF

Collaboration and productivity with PDF at a price that makes sense.

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What the press is saying

“ doesn’t get much better than Nuance’s
new Power PDF” John L. Jacobi