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I Speak Dragon

Are you using Dragon on your PC, Mac or mobile device? If you use Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Dragon Dictate or our Dragon Mobile Apps (Dragon Dictation, Dragon Search and FlexT9 for Android) – tell us about it! We really want to hear your story!

From October 6 through November 30, 2011, Nuance invites you to tell us how and why you rely on the Dragon family of speech recognition products, including Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Dragon Dictate, and Dragon Mobile Apps. You could win an iPad 2 as well as Dragon desktop upgrades!

Productivity and Career Prospects

I worked in a medium-sized regional law practice until 2009. During 2008 I was part of a group of six "guinea pigs" that trialled DNS for the firm. I was initially skeptical having had a lukewarm relationship with Via Voice around eight years ago. This time around I was astounded by the improvement in accuracy that was achieved, and although initially I thought it would be a good tool to assist with e-mails, DNS rapidly became the most indispensable piece of software on my computer as it significantly enhanced my productivity. During the recent economic downturn I, along with many of my colleagues, was unfortunately made redundant and in response have set up my own consultancy, currently working alone. The absence of secretarial support, which at this juncture was unaffordable even if I had wanted it, has made DNS indispensable, so much so that it initially influenced my choice of computer platform to PC ahead of my own personal preference of the Macintosh. However, combination of severe PC computer issues in late 2009 coupled to the release of Macspeech Dictate utilising the DNS speech engine prompted me to purchase a Mac book pro. I now use of both speech recognition systems through my Plantronics USB CS 60 on both platforms. Despite considering DNS to give me an advantage over my competitors, I have nevertheless wholeheartedly recommended the software to a number of other people who in the last 18 months have found themselves in the same situation as myself. Those that have taken the plunge have thanked me and been amazed at what can be achieved with it. Now if PDF converter Pro were also to be made available to the Mac platform....
Mark Flatman

I have been using DNS for more than five years, starting with version 6 and migrating successively to version 10. The initial reason for procuring DNS was because of work-related upper limb disorder. I migrated to using DNS to all business and personal e-mail and word documents. In this time I have lost greater than 50% secretarial support and now do not use secretary for e-mail, word correspondence. Whilst using DNS I have undergone major personal professional development. I completed a certificate in education with five 4000 word assignments entirely with DNS. I then completed a university accredited certificate in legal expert witness, again competing all tasks with DNS. I have a productivity and efficiency which goes beyond that which could be provided with a secretarial resource and would not contemplate returning to traditional dictation transcription secretary. I now use DNS for complex medicolegal reports in addition to continuing to use DNS form word and e-mail. My radiological reporting is now all conducted with speech recognition software. On one of the sites we use a variant of DNS embedded in the Dictaphone Power scribe product. It has an extremely high level of accuracy with virtually no learning or training. We have dispensed with secretarial support in this radiological practice. I have a professional interest in workflow productivity for radiologists in general and myself in particular. Speech recognition is a productivity enabling technology which must be used much more widely in our efficiency seeking work culture.
Stephen Davies

In 2000 I abandoned a 38 year teaching career to set myself up independently as a diagnostic assessor of students with learning difficulties. Two years down the line my business is flourishing and I have more work than I can handle. Each report has to be returned within a fortnight and is usually in excess of 4000 words; in any one week I may have as many as three reports to write. Dragon NaturallySpeaking has been my saviour, never a particularly neat hand writer and certainly not an accomplished typist, without my DNS software this job would not be tenable and I would be restricted to perhaps just writing one report per week. I also recommend DNS software to my students, and people in the workplace, if I think would benefit from the technology, and if time allows I demonstrate its use before they go on their way. So incensed am I by the difference that Dragon has made to my professional life, that I chose to use it while sitting on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square last Summer, as part of the Antony Gormley project of living art, in the hope that I could convert other like minded souls to share my enthusiasm. In recent months I have been interviewed for three internet articles where my enthusiasm for DNS has been used to inform readers both in the world of education and technology.
J. Scaysbrook

Quality of Life at Work

I am a solicitor. I have been in practice for 25 years and over that time have on many an occasion attempted to use speech recognition.each time I put effort into training, and persisted over weeks and months to try and make it work. I usually give up the ghost after many frustrating hours of effort. Being an eternal optimist, I recently decided to give it a go one more time. -- before I died! I found to my utter amazement that the level of accuracy had improved significantly since my last effort. This was a one small step for mankind moment -- I have now been using the software for over a month and am using it as we speak! The impact of this on my day-to-day business life is that as the managing partner of a four solicitor firm, I am the only solicitor without support staff. The fact that I use a wireless headset, means that I can freely move around my office while dictating and also look at items on my desk without being tied to my PC. The quality of life at work has increased 100 fold. I am constantly recommending Dragon to all my colleagues, who of course think that I am suffering from early dementia. I have still some way to go, but I'm confident that after a further period of weeks rather than months that I will be a professional Dragon.
J. Lynch

I have been an Occupational Health progfessional for 24 years and often I advise on reasonable adjustments for staff who pressnt with complex health issues. These adjustments vary and some of this does include advice for additional hardware and or software support for working on the computer. In 2008 I developed neurological symptoms in my right arm linked to a prolapsed disc in my neck.I had surgery and a bone graft replacement disc and posture following surgery is a key factor. I was well for a year then the symptoms returned in my right arm which means further surgery next week!!! Apart from my post op recovery I have been at work and a large part of my role is policy and procedure development, contract for external work and I have a clinical case load which requires letters and reports. I have had Dragon voice activated software now for over a year and for a small amount of money the benefits are enormous. I come from Northern Ireland so my accent is strong and Dragon recognises this and requires additional voice recognition training which works very well. I could be writing a serious report and sometimes Dragon does misread what I have said and writes something different which makes me smile but this is not often and a smile or 2 during a working day is not a bad thing. My GP asked how I was getting on at work and I told him about Dragon and the benefit that is was for me he now wants to come and see Dragon in operation and plans to visit my department. I would recommend Dragon it has improved my quality of Life at work enormously without it I would find it difficult to do my job and that for me would be soul destroying.
R. Fletton


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