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I Speak Dragon

Are you using Dragon on your PC, Mac or mobile device? If you use Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Dragon Dictate or our Dragon Mobile Apps (Dragon Dictation, Dragon Search and FlexT9 for Android) – tell us about it! We really want to hear your story!

From October 6 through November 30, 2011, Nuance invites you to tell us how and why you rely on the Dragon family of speech recognition products, including Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Dragon Dictate, and Dragon Mobile Apps. You could win an iPad 2 as well as Dragon desktop upgrades!

Dragon Dictate for Mac

David Hall - Winner

I spent many years working within the youth service with a staff of ten youth workers and many volunteers in the fine city of Norwich. As a manager, one of my main tasks was to record my work fast and accurately. My reports needed to cover the personal development and training of the youth workers, documenting their activities across the youth work spectrum. This included weekly programmes, sporting, expeditions and the personal development of youngsters including leadership training. I developed a system of speeding up my recording by using 'mind maps' and as a result was able to marshal my thoughts quickly, methodically and accurately. However I needed a way to convert the 'mind maps' into formal reports for my senior managers, my staff and the young people themselves. It was only when I discovered Dragon Dictate that I found a method that was fast, accurate, flexible and importantly creative. It was also a very enjoyable way of working. I love it. Dragon Dictate allowed me to record quickly, I was able to store, reproduce and share my thoughts with young people and youth workers accurately and without delay. I could record my activities in a professional way that also enabled me to spend more time working directly with young people in a constructive and creative way. Without a doubt Dragon Dictate made me much more productive and professional in my approach to youth work.

David B.

I was suffering with painful hands from typing and, as I spend a lot of time writing sermons, talks and speeches, I was struggling. Then, when I bought Dragon it really made a difference, especially as it is a spoken format which is ideal for writing sermons. I thought that it would need lots of correcting but it becomes very accurate so quickly. It even seems to know the books of the Bible!! I read things through to check they make sense, (which I am sure people who have to listen to me preach think is a good thing!!) and it is so accurate. I also use Dragon for the iphone which makes a real difference for texting!! Result - less painful hands, sermons which sound like they were written to be spoken instead of sounding like essays, and the big bonus - it is so-oooo quick!!

Gail E.

"I once had a similar program many years ago for my PC; now this household is all Apple. I needed to put a novel my husband had published some years back onto my MacBookPro so it could be updated and added to our online library [still in building form -].
This I have done.

Now my husband has a brand new Mac Mini with external LG monitor, keyboard and mouse; but, alas, he is not a very competent typist so we have installed Dragon Dictate onto the MacMini so he can 'add' his autobiography and other stories while I get on building the website.

The more time you put into training the voice - hence we need two Apples but only one copy of Dragon Dictate - the better the software gets.

Another learning curve for us both, learning the punctuation etc but DD works!

We are happy with our choices."

Neil H.

I was diagnosed with dyslexia, in 1980 at the age of nine. Even with this diagnosis I struggled at school due to my lack of ability to transfer my thoughts and ideas into Witten words upon the page. I found this frustrating, it made me angry as I enjoyed learning and developing my mind but couldn't place these thoughts onto paper which meant that I did not achieve academic results in line with my own personal belief in my abilities. These problems also restricted my ability to develop professionally as being able to write coherently is a mark of intelligence, and the minimum standard for most employees. Even I developed coping strategies, the use of Dictaphone's and the support help of others I could dictate my ideas and thoughts to, it meant that it took me longer to others to produce similar pieces of work which again restricted my ability to show my true potential. Wherever possible I used the phone and face-to-face meetings to further my working career but always stumbled when I was required to pen to paper. Without sounding overdramatic, Dragon changed all of this and change my life. I have now achieved an honours degree multiple other qualifications and even write for pleasure. I now produce documents quicker there are others within my organisation right massive policy and development documents. Dragon is now on my phone and all of my computers, it allows me to release the written word from within me.

Adrian J.

"The contract compliance audits Financial Progression carries out for brands typically result in a 20 to 30 page detailed report which we aim to write in 2 to 3 business days. It is not uncommon to have to write seven reports back to back over a 2 to 3 week period. I found myself struggling to deliver such a volume of work in this period of time, not because of any intellectual failings, but because I simply couldn't type fast enough! At the end of the day I was also ending up with very sore hands and wrists from typing.

I saw an ad for MacSpeech Dictate in British Airways' business magazine on a flight to the US to work for a client there. I knew that when I came back, I would have to turn around a 30 page report within a matter of days. So I took the plunge and bought the product along with a Calisto Bluetooth headset and used it to write the report. I reckon it saved me about a day and a half (roughly 40% of the time it would have taken if I was typing the document). We are paid on a fixed fee basis, so the more efficiently we can work, the more profitable Financial Progression becomes. Saving a day and a half allows me to spend time catching up with office admin or go out to sell our services. I also no longer suffer fatigue and aches in the hands and wrists at the end of a day spent in front of my MacBook.

So MacSpeech dictate has truly improved the efficiency and profitability of my business and benefited my health. I have recommended it to others and they have seen similar benefits. It is a great product and one I would not wish to be without. And, of course, I used it to write my story!

Alastair S.

"I find being able to run my one-man-band surveying company that much easier without a secretary, thanks to Dragon. I have it on my Apple Macbook Pro, iphone and PC.

I can dictate a letter whilst doing other things - brilliant. I can leave memos on my iphone and upload them onto the laptop - brilliant - even when I am driving - brilliant.

I do not have an ipad2 though and this would be really useful, as the laptop is 17"" and too bulky on the meeting table.

I am a dedicated fan of your Dragon software"

Tim L.

"I started using speech dictation software a couple of years ago for the first time. I am 44 years old and decided to go back to university to Study Theology following a long career in engineering and IT.

I love the Mac compuer, so I bought MacSpeech Dictate, which is now part of the Neuance family. I wasn;t sure about the transition at first, but I have to say the recent update is a sweet one and the online support is great. I love the little video clips showing how to do things.

I suffer with rheumatoide arthritis which affects my hands. Dictating notes, blogs, and essays into the computer takes the pressure off painful hands and allows me to loose myself in my courses."

Dave B.

"I first started using Dragon NaturallySpeaking more than 5 years ago, when repetitive stress disorder made typing literally a pain. The software was reasonably good, but I didn't become a standard user because most of my material is highly technical. The intention always was to train the Dragon in my technology, but of course it's always a question of finding time in a busy schedule.

These days, my work has expanded into management of staff, much more extensively than before. This change means that many of my documents are human rather than technical. I was recently labouring with a mass of staff assessments, trying to meet an impossible deadline.

Bingo! It occurred to me in a flash that Dragon might come to my help. Being now a Mac person, I purchased Dragon Dictate. I still can't believe how refined this product now is, with incredible accuracy and immediacy of use. I rattled through my mountain of paperwork much faster, partly because both hands were free to shuffle papers as I entered text verbally. What a triumph!

It might be that my voice has mellowed in the past few years, but somehow I think the software has neared perfection. And guess what? ...I'm really looking forward to training this pet software in my technical terms...."


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