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I Speak Dragon

Are you using Dragon on your PC, Mac or mobile device? If you use Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Dragon Dictate or our Dragon Mobile Apps (Dragon Dictation, Dragon Search and FlexT9 for Android) – tell us about it! We really want to hear your story!

From October 6 through November 30, 2011, Nuance invites you to tell us how and why you rely on the Dragon family of speech recognition products, including Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Dragon Dictate, and Dragon Mobile Apps. You could win an iPad 2 as well as Dragon desktop upgrades!

Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Bettina Pickering - Winner

Dragon changed my life…
….as a business owner and trainer- when I develop my ideas for articles, training courses or services, I need to walk around, to move around the room maybe to consult a book or look at a picture for inspiration. That is when I have the best ideas. Pre-Dragon, I lost a lot of those ideas because I could not write them down quickly enough by hand or type them in the computer as the ideas almost arrive simultaneously. Dragon is my saviour and allows to just put my ideas into words, while Dragon does all the typing for me. Not only is this a huge time saving, it also reduced my stress levels. Nothing is so frustrating than having a great idea, and then not being able to remember it, because the typing was so slow or I could not write down five ideas quickly enough.

…as a fitness instructor and future martial arts teacher - I can record my routines and my cues for my participants directly onto the computer, so my draft script and draft hand out with key hints and tips for participants is done in real time. That means I don't forget key points, I save loads of time and I get a wonderful work out and practice my routines at the same time.

… an adult learner and student - I love learning, and am doing at least two to three continuous development courses a year, which almost always require written course work. I think in pictures, so much faster than I could ever type. Dragon allows me to think my way, and makes sure that all my thinking is captured while I speak. I used to dread written course work, now I positively relish starting it, as I always know what I want to capture, just all that typing and slowness of my typing put me off. Especially using quotes from books used to be a pain, as it took me a long time reading the quote, typing bits of it in, checking it again, correcting any errors etc. With Dragon, I can just read out the quote knowing that Dragon will capture everything in the way I need and want it to be captured. I love it!!!

Stuart CC.

"This life changing package has transformed my life to such a degree I have forgotten how to type!
I first started using this product writing assessments of my students work. Apart from telling one of my students "you got anal", when I meant to tell them how brilliant their analysis was, it has proved a pivotal application in my professional career for over a decade. I first started using IBM's Via Voice in 1999. I trained this product for two hours, and it was disappointing. The only benefit being I revisited some Shakespeare and Charles Dickens. I could have written Encyclopaedia Britannica in less time than it took to teach this piece of software to recognise my dulcet tones.
I became so frustrated with this initial adventure into voice recognition, I am ashamed to admit myself discipline briefly deserted me and I uttered the odd expletive. To my utter horror and amazement the product worked verbatim. It was a key moment in my appreciation of what this product is all about, being relaxed and speaking naturally.
I'd hate you to think that I spend my life uttering expletives, but as we fast forward to the 21st-century the current version took less than 5 minutes of my precious time to train and is so accurate I didn't realise I could be so eloquent! Whilst there are the occasional glitches, life would be boring if everything was perfect, it is a fantastic tool which means I can focus my energies on quality of output rather than quantity of time.
I cannot speak highly enough of this innovative product. As someone once said, "it does what it says on the tin". The beauty of this is you don't need a can opener. And being a man of few words I will close and bid you farewell as you contemplate spending more time with your family as a result of slaying the dragon of voice recognition. Don't delay, purchase today, for Dragon NaturallySpeaking is most definitely the best speech recognition product in the world.
Dictated using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 - verbatim!"

Richard Shorter

I've always been a creative thinker. I'm enjoying thinking outside the box and problem solving. When I do not have to produce the written word my thinking and problem-solving flows naturally and creatively. However I am dyslexic, I was diagnosed at 7 and have tried numerous tools to enable me to remain creative whilst writing or typing my thoughts. Trying to write has always meant that my train of thought has been interrupted by trying to spell the simplest of words. This is incredibly frustrating and has hindered my thought processes and the vocabulary which I would use when writing. Another issue with trying to write my thoughts has been that in my haste to type what is going through my head I miss out words as I type, even proofreading does not always enable me to see these errors.
I have always been a big advocate that dyslexic is something which does not have to hinder me from functioning creatively and academically. In most offices that I have worked in people have joked and commented that my e-mails and reports are never easy to understand. Dictate is the 1st tool which has allowed me to think and produce the written word freely, thank you for this gift. I speak my thoughts and Dragon Dictate produces them for me. Dragon Dictate can spell far more words than I can, which means that I can be far more descriptive with my thoughts and ideas rather than having to be hindered by my own vocabulary. Most computer spellcheckers need you to get extremely close to the word before it will help you out, Dragon Dictate you just have to speak and it appears. Neither does Dragon Dictate forget to type words as I do.
I now no longer fear being asked to produce a report or send an e-mail containing my suggestions, because Dragon Dictate gives me the freedom to express what's in my head as written word. (Produced using Dragon Dictate 2.5)

J. Cardoso

My story about the Dragon well my English being a second language, it was really difficult for me to send an e-mail reply to a text anything to do with writing it was really difficult, the Dragon as literally changed in my life I am able to reply to e-mails replied to my friends on textYou guys have done a fantastic job thank you for changing my life, and by the way IM using the Dragon for these speech thanks again keep up the good work

R. Hawkins

I find this fantastic as I'm dyslexic it helps my daily chores like writing e-mails and text people can be very frustrating when trying to spell word.

T. Blunden

I co-authored a 321 page book using Dragon. The book was produced over a relatively short period, which I could have only achieved with Dragon. Each of the two authors wrote about half the book. I managed to dictate the book during the weekend whilst holding down a full-time job. The result was an accessible and usable book containing the business benefits for ""Mastering operational risk"". It is published by FT Prentice Hall and has sold over 1300 copies.

This story was also dictated using Dragon.

J. Rix

As a student it is vital for me to be able to communicate my ideas in writing to enable me to take exams, however this has not always been the case.

As someone who suffers from dyslexia my writing was difficult to make out at the best of times with the awful spelling and dreadful handwriting. This was made even worse when I started to suffer from tremors in my hands making typing, let alone writing at certain times impossible.

Thankfully my teacher recommended Dragon and I was given permission to use it in exams. Suddenly my results shot up to A grades as I was free to focus on my ideas and arguments rather than legibility or spellings. Without the freedom dragon gave e I doubt I would of got over 90% in all my papers!

S. Dean

"Well I run my business and the only way that I can possibly run my business is with the Dragon dictation software and the reason is I am dyslexic always struggle with writing to write e-mails and letters is usually been a complete frustration and never been very productive with the Dragon software I can create documents send e-mails I've been doing so from my computer sometime as soon as the software became available to the iPhone changed my life and I had set is has transformed my life and where in previous businesses or jobs I've struggles failed and had frustration To truly brilliant inventions merged together from me has really made this last year of running my business a possibility and I have to thank both the dragon the creators of the Dragon software and of course the greatest minds behind the iPhone without both I don't think this would happen quite well thanks again.

This document was created in Dragon on an iPhone.

A. Jackson

In January 2009 I went to work late one evening, my employment being that of a police officer. That night duty I was involved in a serious vehicle collision whilst on duty. When coming round from unconsciousness I found I could not use my limbs and realised I was paralysed. I had in fact fractured vertebrae in my neck and had succumbed to a incomplete injury to the spine at C4. After having major surgery at the Royal Free Hospital in London, I was transferred to Stoke Mandeville Hospital where I underwent a long period of rehabilitation. Whilst at Stoke Mandeville Hospital I was introduced to Dragon Voice Recognition Software. With limited use of my hands and the inability to sit correctly at a computer, the ability to talk to it was a relevation. On release from hospital I purchased the software and continued to development the skills required to use it. I was also able to have my employer, The Metropolitan Police Service, have the software placed on my work computer. Subsequently I was able to return to work within a year of the accident and continue to contribute my services in a productive manner. Without the use of Dragon Voice Recognition this would have been impossible and I would have been retired on ill-health.

T. Whitehead

My name is Tony.Paralysed at 15,I may have lost my physical independence,but my mind is still my own.And,technology can overcome disability,even with non-specialist products.My multi-remote and iphone,grant me more independence than all my dedicated equipment.The search for the best solutions,led me to Dragon Naturally Speaking,giving me control of,not only my PC,but also my life.

For example,to gain funding for my personal care,distant assessors were to decide my future,in my absence.But,crucially,I could send my own reports,of my physical needs and the challenges my disability presents,and that's what swayed the final decision.Without exaggeration,I am able to live at home,with a live-in carer,because I could dictate those documents.

And,finding my carer? I dictated a web advert and shared emails with 200 applicants.4 years on,I still live with the successful candidate,but she's now my girlfriend.

Via Dragon's PC integration,I enjoy music and movies.And I gain the power of the internet,for private communication,education and fun.Banking,buying gifts or sending a love letter;mundane or miraculous,it depends on your viewpoint.

Stretching Dragon,I tried something longer than a letter,a 100,000 word novel! Not a best-seller,but what a sense of achievement!

Dragon also allows me to help others.I support my friends and family through emails and letters,or provide solutions to their PC woes.I've helped to design assistive technology equipment and university degree courses,teaching students how technology can assist disabled people.Students always ask 'Is voice software useful?"" I think you can guess my answer.

Dragon software is way more than a vital tool.It's how I work and relax.It's the way I contribute to society and fight bureaucracy.It's how I ask for help and help others.Ultimately,it's the reason I live where I live and love who I love.

Whoever said 'The pen is mightier than the sword',should feel the power of Dragon software and a determined

M. Gul

As a area manager, I travel a lot on the roads and their'll be times that I need to reply to e-mails or text message urgently, since I have found Dragon software it's made my life so easy and safe while I'm driving unbelievable. It's a great opportunity for me to reply to my e-mails and text messages and social website as before I could not do any of those specially social networking due to having spelling problems and this was quite embarrassing for me as now I use it for as a dictionary to check my spelling as well.

"Our departmental secretary found me head down on my desk, sobbing with frustration. I had been struggling for weeks with excruciating pain in my hands and arms, rushing to complete a PhD. By November 2006 however, my arms had given up. The doctor diagnosed repetitive strain injury. Helpfully, he suggested a six-month break, and considering non-computer-based career options! Neither were possible. When I considered dropping out, a senior academic mentioned ""why don't you try Dragon?"". He apparently relied on it, having suffered RSI for years and actually felt it had made him more productive, as he was a slow and inaccurate typist. I was sceptical, but prepared to try anything.

I completed my Ph.D. in April 2011, something I never thought possible when in extreme pain. I am gradually healing, but mental well-being and career progress were only possible through Dragon. People cannot imagine how frightening the prospect of not being able to type is in today's computer-based society: your entire future blackens. You wonder how you will be able to support yourself, you become too depressed to meet your friends, and more than anything, you feel ashamed and silly: how can such pain be possible simply through typing? Dragon discretely allows us to participate fully in work and play.

I'm pleased to say that I'm now publishing and teaching, all still only possible thanks to Dragon. I am setting up a small business for RSI sufferers: it will offer specifically targeted therapies but also have a demo area with ergonomic hardware and software, including Dragon. Not only do I use Dragon Professional, but also the Dragon app on my iPhone. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dragon to anybody, whether a slow typist, in pain, disabled, or for any reason. People may be suspicious of its reliability, but you can tame your Dragon in less than 10 minutes and its recognition rate is remarkable. To anybody who is sceptical, as I was, I would say just try it! Dragon truly changed my life.

Jim F.

"Unusual Use Of Dictation.
I use Dragon dictation for the usual gamut of applications such as correspondence (e.g. this note) spreadsheets and the like but there is one special application which is invaluable to me.
I score for two bridge clubs and each week enter the results; a particularly tedious job. I have tried a mouse, a graphics tablet, optical character reading and now dictation. The requirements for this application are extremely stringent and, with the alien format sketched out below, not an obvious candidate for precision input via dictation. Each bridge session produces up to 30 pages of coded data entirely input via Dragon:
Each page starts BOARD 1 etc.
A score is 1/14/3N*/6/E i.e. pair 1 plays pair 14 in a contract of Three no Trumps doubled - six tricks by East. Typically 240 of these data.
Each page ends with check sums -TOTALS/250/4560
20 pairs are dictated as 1/144/268 meaning Pair 1 consists of player number 144 and player number 268 (read from a database).
A computer program converts the raw text data to my website with all the results tabulated in plain English to be minutely scanned by the members.
The real challenge is extreme accuracy and effectiveness. No errors escape the scrutiny of 40 critical members seeing "How they did". Any error precipitates a shower of querulous e-mails.
I arrive home from bridge about midnight and the first members scan the results at 6:00 am. Dictation is as fast as I can talk. Dragon has successfully achieved this twice/week for the last three years.
99.95% accuracy required all the accuracy features of Dragon. In particular, correct the dictation systematically for continuous improvement and avoid sloppy diction. Amusingly Dragon is "Thoroughly Modern Millie" and insists 3D (3 Diamonds) is 3-D. It had to be put on the naughty step to cure it.
I now expect no errors in about 3000 coded characters for most evenings – more important neither do the members.

Tony C.

I'm a vicar in Woking and preach and teach the Bible in various contexts. I have always worked to a full script, though by highlighted etc. I am fairly free from it - but it gives me confidence to know the full text is always there when the mind goes blank! Typing is far from my forte, so preparing a talk every week is arduous, to say the least. Or it was until Dragon 11 (now updated to 11.5 which is even better). Now I can simply clip on the headset and talk. I found it to be at least 95% accurate out of the box, but what really has amazed me is that it gets most technical language, by which I mean Bible names, bible book names and place. When it correctly got Leviticus, Thessalonians and atonement, I was totally blown away. Thanks so much, it has made a huge difference. A real productivity gain!

Nathaniel Y.

"Hi my name is Nathaniel Yates. I am 18 years old and have cerebal palsy which affects my left side of my body. I have difficulties writing and reading so when my dad brought me Dragon version 11 it literally change my life as I am now able to communicate via email and facebook to my friends and family. I am now doing an apprenticeship in animal care which I could not have done with out Dragon as I have to complete course work which I dictate to word and the tutor gives me the course notes on word which dragon will read for me. My next step is to use a dictaphone to use with dragon so I can take note at work and submit with my course work. A really big THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity to live a more forefulling live.

Lauren B.

I am a Human Resources Officer in a busy factory (500 staff) on the night shift. A big part of my job is to deal with discipline, grievances and ad hoc meetings. It is imperative that the notes I take, especially when dealing with disciplinaries are accurate as they may be used in employment tribunals, when an employee gets dismissed and subsequently claims unfair dismissal. A meeting could last over an hour and in that time, a lot of words can be said! I used to spend hours and hours listening to a tape, rewinding, listening, rewinding, listening etc etc. I became so frustrated, spending my week end typing these minutes that I started researching an easier way and I found Dragon. And my life has literally changed since: although I do spend a little bit of time recording a whole meeting as it only recognises my voice, once this is done, I just watch the words appear on my screen like magic, in a fraction of the time it used to take, thus freeing me from the tedious and time consuming task of transcribing 'manually' and enabling me to spend time with my children as I should! This has really been a 'life saving' product for me and I cannot recommend it enough to others.

Brian F.

"TYPING ""Scratch That""........
I'm in my eighties, my sight is poor,
My fingers creak & typing is a chore.
To write my memoirs I still persist
(It's the final thing on my bucket list!).
So imagine this old man's great delight
To find a disc to help him out!
All needed now is my doddery voice,
with a cup of tea – a super choice!
Thanks to Dragon, my book will finish
As the stress of typing has now diminished
Dragon you are no myth, I have to say,
"Your fiery breath has made my days!"

Julie M.

Translation is a business which is paid by the word. More words equals more money. It's as simple as that. With Dragon, productivity increases exactly in proportion with the speed I can speak compared to the speed I can type. In my case I can speak a translation on average one and a half times faster than I can type it. Well, you do the maths! Thanks Dragon!

Tom N.

4 years ago I was just finishing uni in London. My degree was in engineering and I was heading for a first and had a contract with a leading research and development UK telecoms company. On holiday in Bulgaria visiting my girlfriend who was on an Erasmus course I had a snowboarding accident and obtained a spinal cord injury. I became permanently paralysed from the shoulders down. I was rehabilitated at the National spinal injuries centre for 15 months and I regained my efficiency with IT using various accessible technologies but in the end settled for just voice recognition using Dragon. The reason I settled with just Dragon rather than accessible technologies was for the portability. With no other hardware than simply a microphone, Dragon was the most portable option. During my time in rehab I kept in touch with my uni and prospective employer. I was allowed to graduate with a first on the strength of my uni performance throughout three years and my dissertation. The HR dept of my prospective employer kept a keen eye on my progress and I completed various small software projects whilst in hospital using Dragon from my hospital bed. In particular I developed an assistive technology switch-based device to enable someone with reduced manual dexterity to use the mouse on a computer. The capability of Dragon to control every aspect of an operating system was a life changing facility. I am able to use the computer just as before my accident and even use voice recognition to improve the accuracy and speed of my written word.While still an inpatient at hospital I attended an assessment day at my prospective employer and on discharge I started a career as a software engineer. I have worked on various telecom projects and other networking projects. I use Dragon on two laptops and one desktop with two headset earpieces and scripts to isolate one listening system at a time. I recently bought a Mac to try Dragon dictate and I'm looking into the iPhone as a portable microphone.

Stuart C.

"What can i say about the Dragon software.It truly has helped the way i do things now.When i was fifteen i took a serious viral infection which made me lose my Kidneys,also had three strokes and the medication made me partially sighted.As you can understand myself and my family were devastated but i am so lucky i am still alive.I used to love reading sci fi books and things but all that stopped.With the Dragon software now it has opened up new expieriences as i use it to dictate and loads of other things.I am 24 years old now and i can truly say it was a god send that you people came up with this idea.Many thanks.

John P.

A friend in the USA sent me Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 some time ago, but my laptop's processor was too slow and its memory too small for me to be able to use it. I bought a Dell desktop last year but owing to a sudden death in my family and my own illness it wasn't until an old friend who I hadn't seen for 20 years came to stay with me that I found in the interval he had become a self-taught computer expert. He got the Dell machine running and installed "Naturally speaking" which has been a marvellous improvement after four-finger typing for 72 years (I had my 80th birthday in July this year, and started typing on my father's double-shift Bar-Lock when I was eight). Now I think and speak and the machine brings it up on the screen instantly. My family now get regular letters and e-mails from me thanks to this amazing program.

John T.

"Working with computers, I had always wanted to be able to touch type, to think onto the screen, that sort of thing! I never did manage to touch type as my multiple sclerosis stopped any silly ideas like that, long ago.
But now I am able to tell my computer what I want it to do and fill-in forms or write e-mails with just that sort of ease. My conversion came slowly when I was introduced to Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 8, a magical system that worked pretty well and made my life a little easier. Then, I would dictate and get something like what I said, on the screen. Now things are so very different with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 what I say truly does go.
It doesn't really matter where I am writing. Dragon helps me to customise my websites and carry out all sorts of e-commerce without having to touch the keyboard. When I was still working I used the professional version and was able to write simple scripts that would allow me to work more efficiently because I was using custom commands.
What is not often understood properly is how one can control other software packages from Dragon. ""Open Outlook"" transports me magically into the world of e-mail, ""Open Internet Explorer allows me to surf the web to my hearts content. Open Picasa3 swiftly takes me to the place where our photographs and a lot of memories are.

If I am ever asked ""do you speak Dragon?"" I must admit with pride, that I do :-)

Ken H.

"I was diagnosed with dislexia when I was 55 years old. I was required to write public documents on a goverment web site and was finding my dislexia was causing me to strugle after my admin suport was ended.

I found out about dragon and my employer gave me the equipment to use dragon and provided ongoing traning. I was able to overcome many of my difficulties.

I have used the system for about eight years now. I have just completed a five year degree course at Winchester University which I could not have done without a great deal of addational time and effort if I did not have dragon . All of my home computers have dragon software on them. It has enhanced what I can achive."

"I have used Dragon now for over 6 months. I use it as a work tool and for e-mails, customer letters, customer proposals and all internal communications relating to my sales role.

My productivity has increased as my typing was never my strongest strength. Hence, I first tried Dragon dictate in 1996 and even though it was good, the latest product is far superior and easier to use.

it is important to invest the time to train Dragon to understand your speech patterns. By performing the tutorials that come with the Dragon package the speech recognition improves tremendously.

I have to say that my experience with my current Dragon product has been excellent. The only disadvantage that I can think of is that my e-mails have become longer than when I used to type than by hand.

I find writing complex proposals that are part of my job role far easier as dragon enables me to concentrate on the document content and quality I am trying to produce as opposed to the technology that I am dependent on to normally produce it.

The worst thing with Dragon is when I leave my headphones at home and have to live without it in my normal working day.

I highly recommend this product to anyone that has a lot of PC related work to produce whether that be basic e-mails and word documents or more complex things such as Excel spreadsheets and the general Microsoft office products.

Lisa Rochell

Having a physical disability limits how much I can use computers. Learning to speak Dragon for my degree via a disability grant was a revelation in increasing my productivity. It enabled me to have longer sessions inputting text, as speaking is quicker than typing, and I can speak for longer than I can type. Dragon has no issue with the scientific terminology I dictate, and the occasions it does, it soon learns what I mean. Speaking allows me to hold books open with both hands in order to copy to Dragon Pad, rather than awkwardly pressing the book down with one hand whilst slowly typing with overstretched fingers with the other.

I now speak Dragon beyond my degree. When video chat and webcams aren't available, speaking Dragon enables a natural conversation. We seem to limit our interaction when typing text, be it via mobiles or IM. I find speaking is a more meaningful expression, and my friendships benefit from it. Speaking Dragon also has the advantage (word teaching) over certain auto-correct text services, the latter of which often causes embarrassment!

Speaking Dragon enables me to walk around the room while I'm talking and gesture with my hands, which further allows my natural expression. especially when composing emails. The freedom to change position is beneficial to my health. We spend all day at work typing, then come home and spend all night typing, causing bad posture and conditions such as RSI for holding positions unnatural to us. Our voices are meant for talking. Speaking Dragon allows you to talk naturally - the way that's least demanding.

In my very personal experience, speaking Dragon solves a great dilemma of having a laptop and a lap cat. The cat and I both agree that my hands are better occupied fussing him than typing on a keyboard, and speaking Dragon frees up my hands to do this whilst still using the computer. Happy cat. Happy Dragon speaker.

Paul M.

I'm middle-aged, wheelchair ridden, type I brittle diabetic with neuropathy both autonomic and peripheral. I also have arthritis in seven fingers one thumb, both shoulders, knees and hips. I've used Dragon for many years and always tried to upgrade ASAP and when I can afford it. The fact I now have Dragon search Dragon dictation on my iPhone as well. Shows what are reliable pieces of software, in my opinion, as once they are trained I can do my letters, my college work, and most anything else I need without aggravating my arthritis. Having dictate is also ideal as it saves me notetaking at College and also any ideas that pop into my head can be instantly saved on my phone again saving my fingers having to write and hurt too much. My computer is on almost 24 seven, and so the fact I can launch programs from Dragon close things down using Dragon and generally control most functions from Dragon makes a wonderful piece of software but then drive from my wheelchair without any fuss.
Without Dragon software my life would be a lot more painful and a lot more hassle.

Mike C.

"At a recent two day workshop for fifty people we generated two walls full of handwritten flip charts on day one.

Using my Voice Recorder and Dragon Naturally Speaking I was able to transcribe more than thirty closely written flip charts on the evening of day one into a document that was ready on the desks of all delegates for the start of day two. All this was achieved in under an hour and a half, and I didn't even need to remove the flip charts from the walls.

The participants were astonished at the speed of response and more than one of them is now using Dragon!

Excellent productivity."

Anthony D.

"I am without doubt one of the slowest typers in the World. One finger on my left hand is worn down at a 45 degree angle.
My spelling leaves something to be desired. Despite these handicaps I am trying to write a 300 page story. However, as a maturing gentlemen I have significant talking experience. Using the Dragon software means I can talk and the writing does itself - it is a miracle as I do not have to speak in BBC English but rather whitter on in my own style. The application of technology at its best. "

Bettina P.

"Dragon changed my life…

….as a business owner and trainer- when I develop my ideas for articles, training courses or services, I need to walk around, to move around the room maybe to consult a book or look at a picture for inspiration. That is when I have the best ideas. Pre-Dragon, I lost a lot of those ideas because I could not write them down quickly enough by hand or type them in the computer as the ideas almost arrive simultaneously. Dragon is my saviour and allows to just put my ideas into words, while Dragon does all the typing for me. Not only is this a huge time saving, it also reduced my stress levels. Nothing is so frustrating than having a great idea, and then not being able to remember it, because the typing was so slow or I could not write down 5 ideas quickly enough.

…as a fitness instructor and future martial arts teacher - I can record my routines and my cues for my participants directly onto the computer, so my draft script and draft hand out with key hints and tips for participants is done in real time. That means I don't forget key points, I save loads of time and I get a wonderful work out and practice my routines at the same time.

… an adult learner and student - I love learning, and am doing at least two to three continuous development courses a year, which almost always require written course work. I think in pictures, so much faster than I could ever type. Dragon allows me to think my way, and makes sure that all my thinking is captured while I speak. I used to dread written course work, now I positively relish starting it, as I always know what I want to capture, just all that typing and slowness of my typing put me off. Especially using quotes from books used to be a pain, as it took me a long time reading the quote, typing bits of it in, checking it again, correcting any errors etc. With Dragon, I can just read out the quote knowing that Dragon will capture everything in the way I need and want it to be captured. I love it!!!"

Laura B.

I have to say Dragon has changed my entire future, without it I would have not even tried to continue in my chosen career because it would have been too much pain. I began University at 18 in 2006 for a BSc in Psychology. Within the first three months, I was told I had had an undiagnosed broken wrist on my dominant hand for the last 8 months and that I would need an operation A.S.A.P to fix it. All did not go to plan. Four separate and different operations later, still continuing my degree and trying desperately to keep up with people who had the ability to write notes, I was finding it so painful and frustrating I was regularly talking to a counsellor. My case was so unique my records were even taken to an international conference where it could be a candidate for many new and pioneering operations. This was not helping my ability to study though and my local disability assistance officer mentioned I should apply through the University for Dragon. I was successful and used it for my entire last year and my final exams. Without Dragon I know for a fact that I would not have continued my degree; it was too painful to write or type. After that I went on to be accepted on a Masters in Psychotherapy. The studying part was always going to be the challenge but now I find myself handing in essays early, having spoken them out far faster than others type in the course. I can transcribe all my recorded client notes incredibly fast almost word for word, whereas other practitioners write minimal notes due to time commitments, so I have a tendency to take away many more ideas and options for my clients as I have more information to think on between sessions. I have been accepted on many courses due to my dedication and effort I put into previous research, which I think is partly due to how I can write more, with less time. My career will never succeed without it, my whole family use it in one way or another and the less I type now the longer my wrist will stay pain free.

John R.

"I am John Roberts Dragon NaturallySpeaking as change my life and made it possible for me to do things I thought I would never be able to do for one instance I am now secretary of the Royal Marine Association of Caerphilly something could he few years ago I would never dreamt I could do. I can write letters minutes and anything to do with the Association I have my own headed letters. I am able to send e-mails to my friends, I've been able to join Facebook for the first time ever, jest a few months ago if I lost the use of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 it would be if someone had cut off my right arm. I am totally dependent for My correspondence on Dragon NaturallySpeaking. The reason for this is I am very dyslexic and was unable to write letters keep a diary that other people could read. I am now on page 22 of my life story. This still along way to go to the end. I have told lots of people about Dragon NaturallySpeaking and a few people have purchased a copy of it some thought the children were part of so dyslexic. It is a terrible thing when someone asked you to write down something that you can't. It has given me great confidence in myself. I am now doing a computer course and have already gained three certificates. I only began using a computer in about six years ago. I still have a lot to learn, by the way a forgot to tell you that I am 74 years old in May of next year,, winning the iPad would be a bonus, but being able to write this is more than a bonus, it is change my life forever-now. Best wishes to everyone who is taking part John Roberts"

David L.

"I recently embarked on a three year course in psychotherapeutic counselling and hypnotherapy, this is in addition to my day work by the way so you can imagine the pressures. There is a lot of reading and note taking to do and it all takes time. I saw very positive and enthusiastic reviews of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 (DNS) so decided to invest, and I honestly wasn't disappointed. Not only is the accuracy so much better than expected, almost flawless, but to my surprise it correctly understood all but a very few of the medical terms that I am using, even the obscure ones, and training DNS meant it understood those others too. Having DNS has meant that making extensive notes, quoting whole paragraphs and even pages sometimes from books, writing lengthy essays, and managing to do what I have wanted to for a very long time, is now both possible and practical. DNS means I can not only be more fluent but also more creative, and my studies are a lot less painful (I can type at around 60-70 words per minute and it still made a big difference!). Without exaggerating I can say that the presence of DNS on my computer is potentially life changing both for me as well as those that I will eventually be qualified to help. In a nutshell, it has enabled me to do so much more of what I really love to do.

Thank you. My praise of your product is well deserved.

Karen V.

I work as PA to a globally known Alzheimer's researcher at the University of Cambridge who is probably one of the busiest men on the planet. Last year I developed chronic RSI in both hands and arthritis in both thumbs. I was devastated, and still encounter extreme difficulty in performing many everyday tasks, both professionally and personally. I was terrified that I would be unable to do my job. However, with the amazing assistance of Sheena MacRae at the University Computing Service I was painstakingly taught how to use Dragon Naturally Speaking software. It was a stressful and prolonged learning curve, as this was not simply a technological whim - my job and livelihood depended on it. Dr. Nick Irish at the Department of Occupational Health provided exceptional care and a genuine desire to see me overcome my permanent disabilities. My boss, Professor Christopher Dobson, was incredibly encouraging and supportive during this very difficult period and now, a year on, there is very little I cannot do in relation to my work. Dragon literally saved my career and I will be eternally grateful for that. Meanwhile, there are many hilarious moments such as the time I emailed a supplier about a new desk for my office. I wrote: "…my desk is quite big" without checking the e-mail before I sent it (this was in the early days) and, regrettably, Dragon had typed: my chest is quite big. To my horror, the Director of the stationery company called me in a fit of giggles saying that this was the best laugh the company had ever had! I now work very hard to constantly improve my diction, adding words and useful phrases to the dictionary and Command Browser in order to avoid further embarrassment. Nevertheless, my colleagues are always eagerly awaiting the next "howler". The ability of Dragon to type profanity fairly accurately in times of frustration is also very impressive and is always a great source of amusement to my research group. All joking aside, Dragon has been my saviour.

Sally L.

"I am an astrologer and have found Dragon Naturally Speaking invaluable when I am interpreting a chart. I can record my observations as I look at the chart and this helps with my overall analysis for my clients. It also means can print these off for consultations both as a quick reference for myself and also as part of preparing a full written analysis for my clients. It's so much quicker than typing (as typing this reminds me).

I also use it to record text that I will use again and again in my work."

Erin W.

" Dragon Naturally Speaking has literally changed my life. I am currently the top of my 3rd year law school class at University College London. I have won numerous awards for my work during the LLB program. Previous to this degree, my education was not always successful. I am dyslexic and have struggled taking proper notes for a class, and have always laboured with any writing exercise I have had. I was lucky enough that the DSA and Disabled Students Department at the University suggested that I purchase Dragon Naturally Speaking, and this decision has placed me in the position I am now.

Before, reading and taking notes was incredibly difficult. I could not keep my ideas together and writing everything took loads of time. I would often fall behind in class and when it came exam time, I would have nothing concrete written. With Dragon, this has all changed. I am able to speak into the computer while reading. I literally zip through it now. As I am dyslexic, word processing programs often missing my strange spellings. Dragon fixes all of this. It also has the added feature of reading back your sentence to you. This is amazing, sometimes I don't even need to look up from the book, Dragon does it all for me.
Aside from note-taking, Dragon is a dream when it comes to essays. I literally can walk around the room and speak into the computer. I write all my essays like this. No longer do I need to concentrate on how to structure something, the program helps me out. I literally could not live without Dragon now.

Dragon hasn't just changed my life, it has changed the life of my family. My uncle had a stroke 6 months ago that left him completely paralysed on his left hand side. He loved surfing the internet and keeping in touch with people, but found it difficult to type and to maneuver the internet with only one hand. We purchased Dragon for him, and set it up. He is able to speak commands into the computer, surf the internet, and type emails all with his voice.

Edward L.

I have been using dragon naturally speaking over several years in the course of my work as a lawyer in the UK. We do a mix of commercial, property and personal injury work and the use of dragon has transformed the way we deliver services to our clients.The ability to dictate straight into microsoft outlook means that we can give speedy responses to clients' enquiries both in and out of office hours which makes them mightily impressed. An additional benefit is that fee earners are much more likely to have a more intimate and up-to-date knowledge of their files by creating and delivering their own documents as they handle the files with them rather than rely on a secretary to do so.Additionally the use of Dragon substantially speeds up the turnover of files and hence productivity and has significantly contributed to the overall efficiency of the firm and enables it to maintain its competitive edge which is particularly important in the course of the present world financial crisis.

Neil M.

"I've sufferred from increasingly painful RSI for several years. I have two careers, both that entail a great deal of desk/computer work. For many years I thought that I would have to give up my very cherished professions. It was a depressing time as I had no idea what I could re-train to do that didn't involve a lot of keyboard or desk work. Dragon software changed all of that. I first started using Dragon 10 on my PC at work. I couldn't believe how this revolutionised my life. I no longer had to type all of my emails, spreadsheets, word documents, internet browsing. The actions were easy to learn and the voice recognition software was incredibly accurate. I was particularly surprised by this given that I had used similar devices in the past but the software would only recognise about 40% of the words I spoke. Even the Dragon headset was comfortable! My RSI reduced dramatically and I was able to enjoy my work again rather than fear the end of a 7 x hour day by which point the pain in my shoulders, neck, and wrist were agonising. Dragon effectively saved both of my careers and allowed me to continue my work productively and pain free.
I have also since downloaded the free Dragon software for my iphone. FREE voice recognition software, I couldn't believe it. What was even more unbelievable was that it is even more accurate than my already incredible PC software. Dragon seem to be improving their software with each new release. Dragon features in many areas of my work life as a result, and I suspect with the software progressing at such a rate, keyboards will soon be a thing of the past. At least I hope so!"

Jim T.

"On September 22nd 2010 my life changed for ever in a split whilst playing in goal for my local football club,
I knew things were bad by the horror on everyone's faces when my arm that had snapped in half was only being held together by the velcro on my gloves.
After lots of gas and morphine, pins and plates, reality set in as I realised that my sportswear business that I run with only one member of staff was in trouble.
I use the internet to sell on eBay and Amazon, and upload stock onto my own website using Excel, html etc but also need my hands to answer customer emails, telephone callse etc
Whilst in hospital I saw an advert of a man jumping out of an aeroplane whilst talking through a headset to his PC and I sceptically got my Mum to buy it for me.
Little did I know at the time that this would not only ensure my business stayed afloat whilst my arm was casted, but that it would change the way I work for ever and help turn my company into the success it is today.

Now after a year, I have three staff using it as well as many companies I have recommended it to, and despite my arm being fine, I'll never type or use a keyboard again
I get three times as much work done by using this amazing software as I did before my accident. People who come into my warehouse are amazed when they see me talking to my computer for absolutely everything that I do, I've trained it to do give coded responses to ebay questions that used to take 5 minutes to reply to but now take 2 seconds.
My html product listings, internet searching and emails are now done in minutes every day instead of hours and I have Dragon to thank for being able to reply to emails three times faster than the best secretary I've ever employed.
I am a proud ambassador for this product, it saved my livelihood and helped me grow my business in ways I only ever dreamed was possible."

Andrew F.

I have been studying Policing and Leadership for approximately 6 years and I am in the final throes of writing my doctoral thesis. Due to a number of complications I felt that I was not going to meet my deadline and I was starting to panic. I had been working towards this qualification for years and now it looked like I was in trouble. I had numerous interviews to transcribe and then I had to analyse them. I knew this would be a problem. People suggested that I send them off to someone who could professionally transcribe them but I could not afford that and I was concerned that many of the abbreviations would not be understood. So I tried Dragon Naturally Speaking and dictated the interviews. I am not great with technology so I had one pair of headphones listening to the interview via one PC whilst I dictated the questions and answers through a microphone on another. It worked brilliantly, although I did rather look like a geek. Instead of each interview taking a day to a day and half to transcribe, they took half a day each. The accuracy was amazing and the software even picked up on repeated abbreviations. The time saved has enabled me to submit my thesis on time and head towards achieving my doctorate. I am certain that without Dragon Naturally Speaking I would still be worrying and probably typing too!

Kim T.

"10 years ago I had a bad accident and was told I would probably not walk again and if I did it would be too painful and I would end up in a wheelchair.
I was a keen swimmer/gardener/traveller/artist etc, most of my hobbies were physical or involved manual dexterity. not to mention my work that was mainly PC based and involves data manipulation and extensive typing.
i thought at that stage my career would be finished too.
but the doctors could only see the physical damage and didn't bank on my brain power or determination.
I work for BT who have the best care for their staff available, they made me a home worker and provided me with everything I needed to be able cope with the constant pain and discomfort, yet still work comfortably and safely, this included My Dragon, which as been an absolute boon.
because it took pressure off my hands/arms I was able to recuperate slowly and cause no further damage whilst still earning a living. this has a knock on effect to my mental well being and physical capabilities.
I can swim, not as fast or as far, I can garden in short bursts but no heavy stuff, I travel as long as I am not alone...but best of ALL... I can still walk, alone unaided and I do not use a wheelchair. I live with constant pain, sometimes agony but I am living. I believe that whn I was introduced to Dragon and realised there was a way I could still work, that it helped me a great deal to search and find alternative ways of doing all the other things I like to do, even though there are now limitations. So thank you Dragon and thank you BT for helping me to carry on."

Zina R.

"Some years ago I found myself with RSI caused by a poor office set-up. At the time I was writing a book, as fiction is my second job, but could neither write nor type. So I invested in Dragon.

Within days I could dictate my book, and dictated the entire novel. Dragon was well-suited to this particular book because it is written in first person narratives in a variety of voices. It was crucial to get the sound of the spoken word, and Dragon - delightful, helpful Dragon - was as helpful as a well-trained Labrador, always eager, largely (not always) obedient. He doesn't object to note-taking either. ""The Small Book"" was the result of my first Dragon effort. Others should follow. I am fascinated by how different it is to dictate a book, in terms of the thinking process, from writing directly to screen. What it underlines is that you need to know what you think before you set out to speak: an excellent discipline that everyone might consider."

Simon M.

I am a very busy property lawyer in practice in Cardiff. I started using Dragon Dictation software roughly 3 years ago, and I think I'm on my third version. I've even acquired a copy of your French version, used by my wife as head of languages in a local school. Very late one night three years ago when I was really up against a wall on a massive multi-million pound property transaction due to complete the next day - I needed to prepare a report to brief the Board of directors of the company early the next day. The complexities of the transaction suggested that it would take me the best of half a day to prepare even a first draft of the report, having regard to my limited typing skills. I had also just returned home from a late meeting on the transaction and energy levels were low. By chance I had bought this software on a mere whim a few weeks before, but had not installed it. I had been told that there would be a long lead-in process in training the software to make it even basically usable. I thought, what the hell - install it and see what happens!! After a 20 min installation period I started dictating the report and was staggered to see the first two paragraphs appear on my screen with accuracy well into the high 90's%. I completed the substantive draft of this report within two hours. I've used this software ever since and it has totally changed my working and social life in terms of massively increasing my productivity. I cannot now imagine having to work without access to Dragon Dictation software. I have introduced that software to many of my employees in my firm and sing its praises regularly and most highly to friends and colleagues outside the business. It has its foibles, and certainly you always have to check your text before it is sent out - But I have to admit that the majority of any apparent typographical errors in the resulting text are invariably down to my diction - particularly if I'm in a rush!! Brilliant and certainly life changing!!


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