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I Speak Dragon

Are you using Dragon on your PC, Mac or mobile device? If you use Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Dragon Dictate or our Dragon Mobile Apps (Dragon Dictation, Dragon Search and FlexT9 for Android) – tell us about it! We really want to hear your story!

From October 6 through November 30, 2011, Nuance invites you to tell us how and why you rely on the Dragon family of speech recognition products, including Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Dragon Dictate, and Dragon Mobile Apps. You could win an iPad 2 as well as Dragon desktop upgrades!

Dragon Dictation

Kamaru Kalam - Winner

Since Dragon Dictation entered my life, I have found it to be the most time saving, efficient and useful app ever. I have told all of my friends and family using Apple iPads and iPhones to download the app. I am a freelance social worker and as such have tons of case recording, reports, meeting minutes and discussions to write up. Dragon simplifies it for me. I just sit and talk to my phone and it converts my speech to text, saving me time, energy and effort instantly! I have been able to meet my deadlines and have been able to use more quality descriptions as opposed to a few lines had I typed up. Dragon gets better the more you use it, you have the option of texting, emailing or storing the info – it's brilliant! Also, the more you use the app, the better it recognises your voice so there are less errors. It has predictive text, saving you even more time. Whoever invented Dragon is a genius, and I think all office workers, and any professional having to write reports should utilise it. Companies should recognise its potential in efficiency, time saving and quality and incorporate it into their database I.T systems, so all workers can access and benefit from this amazing technology! Rock on Dragon Dictation! You are the best app by far!!

C. Howard

"I believe that my story is quite a common one. Nevertheless, it is a story that simply changed my life. As I say these words, I find myself cringing, as I know that others may hear them and consider me to be somewhat over the top. However, for me your products(Dragon Simply Speaking) has literally changed my life.

I was born in 1966 and, if my understanding is correct, I have suffered from that day with the condition referred to as dyslexia. Not just one of those so-called ""middle-class"" holders of this condition but a full blown struggle to read and write dyslexic.

I left school with no qualifications whatsoever and felt that I may end up being a tramp on the streets as i word never get a job. I struggled but as quickly as possible I joined the British Army (Grenadier Guards). I have represented my country in many hotspots around the world. From the streets of Northern Ireland through to Afghanistan and many others.

As my career progressed in the Army I started to struggle with a more academic aspects of a full career in the military. However, your product saved the day, literally.

As I became more proficient with your product I realised that I could write and eventually embarked on a sport science degree with Manchester University. On completion of this I continue my studies with a masters by research, using your product to produce my thesis entitled ""the identification of changes in coping behaviours and the influence of repression during parachute selection training"". I knew that my dyslexic days had almost come to an end when my thesis was published in the British library.

I continue to use your product to this day and am now not far from finishing a PHD. I am now a military educational and training officer at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. As such, I often recommend your product too many other soldiers who suffer from a dyslexic condition.

I have just written this using you new iPhone app.

Thank you for changing my life!

J. Fraser

Discovered Dragon Dictation as a way to quickly enter "to do" actions on the move. I open the app on my phone, say whatever it is I don't want to forget, & the text is right there to pop into my to do list. No longer do I agree to sort something out in a 'corridor conversation', only to have forgotten it by the time I get back to my office! Not only great for my productivity, but saves embarrassment - I no longer remember something with a "whoops" next time I bump into that colleague on the corridor again.

E. Wright

"Hi I'm Ellie, I'm twelve years old and I use Dragon dictation. I found out about it through school at a dyslexic meeting. I downloaded it and it's been really useful for assessments and other homework. I dictate my and message and then I e-mail it to myself and then I make a Word document recently did a Henry VIII assessment and got a good mark. Overall I think dragon dictation is very useful and has changed my live for ever.

F. Arshad

"I have been aware dragon dictation for a long time, but normally the computer versions take longer to adapt and hence are long and boring. This app version has made my life so much easier. I do a very technical science degree. But this year I have an addition of a business module that involves writing numerous essays. Much to my dismay I hate writing essays but dragon dictation has made my life alot easier by just speaking my ideas and then fixing them at a later date. I h e now done over 3 essays about 2000 words each in space of 2 weeks without spending a lot of time on it compared to my peers who spend days.

Thanks Dragon

J. Le prevost

I think dragon dictation on my iPhone is amazing as I am not very good at spelling so I would not do text messages or e-mails but now with this app it has changed my life as I can I can express myself in words rather then say short sentences I can say what I like in large sentences so I thank you for this has change my life.

G. Aitken

Years ago I stumbled across Dragon products - using Dragon naturally speaking on my laptop to not only dictate chat and documents but to control my PC. It was such a buzz to use. I now have an iPhone with tiny keys and while browsing the app store came across Dragon Dictation - and I thought ... Couldn't be the same company. It sure was. And how the use of my iPhone changed. Texts, emails, Facebook updates while driving, anything became possible with dragon dictation. The best part was freaking out your friends and other iPhone users who didn't have it. Amazing. Just lately apple launched its new Siri. I finally put Siri up against my 3GS with dragon and I am stoked to say that Dragon fixation went up head to head with a Siri 4S and easily won the battle. Hardly any mistakes whereas Siri was very confused. Good times! And for free!! Thank you Dragon! Oh and I dictated this story on Dragon Dictation on my iPhone 3GS.

D. Mulqueen

Before I head the Dragon dictation app e-mailing and Texting was a pane and was something I will always put off until I got the Dragon dictation app on my iPhone it was a truly life changing experience for me it's like talking to my family and friends back in England after immigrating to Cyprus keeping in contact and up-to-date with all the latest news and events is so important when you're so far away from home I was never one for technology but now my eyes have been opened to a whole new world thank you Dragon dictation the best app on iPhone.

James H.

"Dragon Dictation rescued me!
On a walking safari my wife and I were attacked savagely. We were in the magnificent Great Rift Valley. I was very excited to see Lesser Flamingo in a burst of pink flight and Yellow Bishop flitting from bush to bush.
My wife was climbing ahead of me in a narrow gully, when a huge Cape Buffalo rose from the tall grass. The animal gored her in the lower back, tossed her, and trampled her. It then thundered down the path toward the guide and me. It charged me, and shattered my right arm and shoulder. The guide was slightly hurt, and the buffalo ran farther downhill.
We were lucky to be alive. The Cape Buffalo is one of the most dangerous land mammals on earth. After a hazardous drive by ambulance we reached Nairobi Hospital. My wife was taken into surgery right away, and I waited for several hours before being wheeled into the operating theatre. The guide had minor injuries.
Surprisingly there was Wi-fi in the ward where we were admitted. As she began to feel more comfortable, my wife was able to type on her laptop. She sent emails and engaged in chats.
I was very frustrated. I could not use my right hand to hold a cup of tea never mind to type. The injuries were too extensive. I was depressed but then I remembered I had Dragon Dictation on my Iphone.
I was so excited! I could dictate replies to messages and also make notes of ideas and, also, more importantly, of how I felt. It was therapeutic. Although I had sporadically used Dragon before, this was different. Before it was a bit of fun, but now it was need more than whim. I could express myself easily, and, to my surprise, Dragon captured what I was saying more accurately than I thought possible. There were few mistakes, which was just as well, as I did not know how to correct them anyway, and couldn't type to save myself.
We made a gradual recovery.
Looking back on it I am thankful that I had Dragon. It made a huge difference to my outlook. You could say that a Dragon rescu"

Kathy B.

"a few years ago i lost my job and needed to go back to college to retrain. i came across dragon dictate while researching for an essay. these and other reports would normally take me a good week each, and more because im not a fast typer. i was worried by the amount of time i took typing up essays because i wanted to used that time for other parts of my study, not to mention my social life.

Dragon Dictate for me meant that i could have reports done the same day and larger essays within the same week. i also found that being able to speak out loud and capture my thought process helped me to better structure my work. the end result; top grades on all my assignments, extra time to learn the other aspects of my course, social time and a job the week after i completed my course.

But it hasn't stopped there. i'm still using it for business reports and presentations. as a junior, i tend to get the work loads that nobody else wants and dragon dictate means i can storm through the work and still have a social life. i can't imagine not using it. i have it on my mac, my ipad and my phone. if my boss dumps a load of work on me friday afternoon he wants for monday morning, i know its not a problem. haven't decided whether to tell the other interns yet."

Ken L.

I am a consultant physician and use Dragon on my iOS devices to transcribe speech into text notes for entry into my electronic medical records software. This works very well in both outpatient and inpatient settings and using Dragon is quick and delightful on the hospital WiFi.

Derek M.

"First of all I would like the opportunity to say thank you for providing such a wonderful piece of technology. It is without a doubt one of the most instrumental pieces of equipment that I have used in my lifetime . As somebody who has had difficulty at school with education in particular English and spelling . The discovery of this piece of technology to me had an enormous impact on my ability to further myself in my career and develop my self esteem.

To clarify I used this piece of technology (Dragon speaking- a number of different versions over the years) to help me gain a diploma in nursing and ultimately a 2:1 honours degree in mental health nursing. I can categorically say that without this piece of technology there will be no way that I would be able to have achieved such academic qualifications. Even now as a 47 year old I have difficulty with my spelling and I am such a convert to this technology that I use it on my iPhone every day.

Many thanks to the developers and the people involved in creating such a wonderful life changing program."

Terry D.

"The iPad, is in itself a liberating and freeing device. Having struggled with desktop computers for more than 30 years to suddenly have a device that can come around with me and help me with my short-term memory difficulties has made a huge difference. However the addition of Dragon on iPad is nothing short of heaven! I would describe it as a comfort blanket. I have a very demanding job which takes me all over Europe, and I'm now able to regularly keep track of my work and contracts and minutes of meetings. The most amusing part for me is its capacity to record foreign languages, in Germany or its legal fronds I will use DragonPad tell me remember street names and usually it is with great success.

With the use of Dragon and it has wiped out why the call by the constant low-grade anxiety about recording notes when I'm away from my desktop. The combination of Dragon and Apple is magic!


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