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Nina Overview
The intelligent multichannel virtual assistant. A digital persona who delivers personalized, effortless customer service via a human-like conversational interface.

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Nina Web
Bring brands to life on enterprise websites. Increase conversion rates and offer visitors an easy, quick, and accurate way to find exactly what they need.

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Make mobile customer service easier than ever

Nina Mobile brings the natural ease of voice control to your mobile apps and transforms them into powerful engagement tools that enable easy self-service.

How Nina Mobile is used


Nina Mobile validates a user’s identity by having them say a simple passphrase, such as “My voice is my password”. It’s more secure than passwords and PINs, increases authentication rates and is much easier and friendly for the user.


Nina Mobile eliminates the need for the user to navigate through multiple menus and screens to get what they need from the app. Instead they say commands or ask questions and the right functionality is delivered instantly.


Nina Mobile enables users to make complete transactions by saying a single request, like “Pay my credit card”. The ease and simplicity of this increases transaction rates, customer loyalty, encourages further interactions.

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The benefits


Enhance customer loyalty by delivering a mobile app experience that is much easier, efficient, and enjoyable.  Nina Mobile enables the experiences mobile was designed to deliver.


The personality of your brand can be reflected in the Nina Mobile intelligent assistant. This can build a stronger brand and a more trusted interface with a personality your customer is already comfortable with.

Channel consistency

Now your mobile channel can sound and act just like your other brand channels. This helps deliver a seamless experience for users and reinforces loyalty.

What can Nina Mobile do?

Power of conversation

Using natural language technology Nina understands complex sentences, multi-string words, abbreviations, slang, misspellings, fragments, and all things that make up a real human conversation.

Let the user decide

Nina has been designed specifically for mobile app front-ends to support inputs via speech, tap and text—giving consumers flexibility to choose the interaction type they prefer at any point.

What's in Nina Mobile?

Nina Virtual Assistant Persona™

Nina is a pre-made, reusable virtual assistant persona, which developers can leverage for their app, or use the available source code to quickly create a custom persona.

Nina Virtual Assistant SDK™

To shorten implementation times, Nina has three APIs: binary APIs with cloud access to speech recognition, text to speech and NLU functionality, source APIs to customize the persona, and dialog APIs to build and control application dialog.

Reference Designs

Mobile app developers can quickly develop their own virtual assistant by leveraging, adding or modifying pre-built reference designs and tasks addressing common use cases for travel and banking.

Nina Virtual Assistant Cloud™

A Nuance hosted service that provides the power and intelligence to Nina.The cloud offers scalable, redundant, and PCI compliant servers with guaranteed SLAs of 99.95% uptime. Hosting allows customers to focus on building a better mobile experience for their users, without the additional overhead needed to install, deploy, and manage hardware, software, and network updates.

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