Nina — The intelligent virtual assistant

Nina Web
Bring brands to life on enterprise websites. Increase conversion rates and offer visitors an easy, quick, and accurate way to find exactly what they need.

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Nina Mobile
Transform your mobile apps with a smart conversational interface. Deliver an easy, efficient, and truly mobile experience that shows your customers that they matter.

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Self service with an intelligent touch of humanity

Nina is the intelligent multichannel virtual assistant. A digital persona who delivers personalized, effortless customer service via a human-like conversational interface. Nina can be the ambassador for your brand, the all-knowing guide to your content, or the reassuring voice of your customer service organization.

The benefits

Multichannel intelligent virtual assistants offer a personalized form of self-service that deliver an experience customers prefer over static web pages and basic mobile apps.

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Nina Web and Nina Mobile deliver engaging self-service platforms for your customers to transact, navigate, ask questions, and get exactly what they need.

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In use

Customers converse with Nina through voice or text and Nina delivers instant, accurate, and successful outcomes in a natural, human-like way.

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Watch how Nina delivers intelligent, conversational customer service—how, when, and where customers want it.


Nina engages customers in natural conversations using voice or text by utilizing Nuance's leading natural language understanding technology.


Nina guides customers to successful outcomes, connects them to the right place, and facilitates transactions for immediate, easy and effective self-service.


Nina monitors every customer interaction and tunes accordingly, ensuring your virtual assistant stays relevant and effective.

The benefits


Rather than clicking, tapping, scrolling, and typing, the customer can get what they want just by talking. They simply ask a question and the right solution is instantly in their hands. There is no hunting through a static interface or going through multiple screens—in one action they can get exactly what they want.


Nina can take on the appearance and tone of any brand. It can be a character from a brand’s advertising, it can take the voice of an actor who represents the brand in other channels, and it can take the brand’s unique tone to mobile apps or the Web.


Nina can offer customers a consistent experience across the web and mobile. A familiar voice will answer the request whether it’s typed into a computer, tapped on a screen or spoken into a device. This consistency creates reassurance of the quality of service the customer can expect.

Nina solutions

nina_virtual assistant
Nina Web

A virtual guide to web content, a simple way to perform transactions and a way to extend your brand voice on your web site. Integrates with existing CRM systems to deliver the one right solution instantly and easily.

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nina_mobile app
Nina Mobile

Provides a voice-enabled intelligent virtual assistant within mobile apps. Transforms apps into powerful customer engagement tools that allow easy self-service for immediate, accurate outcomes.

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Customers love the Nina experience

Current state


Find they need to adapt to technology rather than having technology adapt to them


Find getting information with a mobile app tap-interface challenging


Average app retention rate following 90 days of download


Prefer searching the web for support queries

With Nina


Rated the virtual assistant experience as "fantastic" or "good"


Consider virtual assistants are more convenient and efficient


of virtual assistants users are repeat users (every day, week or month)


Consider getting support through a virtual assistant easier than searching the web

A real conversation

Nuance's natural language technology enables Nina to understand complex sentences, multi-string words, abbreviations, slang, misspellings, fragments, and all things that make up a real human conversation.

It also uses dynamic decision trees to ensure that conversations do not hit dead-ends or repetitions. All this is done whilst maintaining a natural conversation cadence to deliver customer service without interruption or pause.

Nina in the news

GEICO debuts interactive Voice Assistant
Insurance giant GEICO has launched an update to its mobile app which now features Lily, an interactive voice assistant that can assist policyholders.

USAA launches voice command mobile banking
USAA members can now ask their iPhone how much they spent on groceries last month or tell it to pay the mortgage on Thursday.

U.S. Bank trials Nuance's Nina
U.S. Bank has begun testing Nuance Communications' natural language voice-based virtual assistant, Nina, to provide customers access to interactive and self-service options.

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