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Enterprise Workstation

Improve clinical documentation, eliminate medical transcription in one step with “once and done” front-end speech recognition

Enterprise Workstation

Dictate and sign reports via speech recognition in a single step

Enterprise Workstation provides front-end speech recognition for the Dictaphone® Enterprise Speech System, enabling physicians to dictate, self-edit, and electronically sign reports to create and complete clinical documentation without medical transcription. This "once and done" approach to clinical documentation significantly reduces transcription costs and turnaround times.

Supports all dictation styles

Enterprise Workstation fully supports physicians' dictation and editing preferences in a single system.

"Real-time" speech recognition with self-editing
"Once and done" real-time speech recognition allows physicians to view text at the end of dictation. They can edit their dictation using a keyboard, mouse, and standard word processor tools, or with voice editing, using voice commands and microphone controls to correct and navigate the document. Physicians also have the option of hands-free dictation using a USB headset and foot pedal.

The software immediately recognizes spoken changes and additions anywhere in the report. Self-editors can use the PowerMic™ II, an ergonomically designed microphone that filters ambient noise. The PowerMic II offers barcode scanning and mouse functionality ensuring easy report completion.

"Real-time" speech recognition with batch electronic signature
Allows physicians to hold dictated reports in a queue ready for review and e-signature.

"Real-time" speech collaboration
Physicians can collaborate on documents in teaching environments and emergency medicine settings, access common reports and append or edit documentation.

Speech-assisted transcription
Physicians can elect to have dictation routed to Enterprise Turbo Speech for background speech recognition and highly productive transcription.