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Automated Document Distribution


Automated Document Distribution

The eScription platform automated document distribution system provides automatic, flexible distribution of completed documents through network printers and fax machines at health care facilities. Fully integrated with the document creation capabilities of computer aided medical transcription, eScription document distribution eliminates the need for other vendors' software or manual intervention when distributing documents via print or fax. A single administrative console lets supervisors easily set up, manage and track the entire workflow from dictation through distribution. From a print and/or fax server at the customer site, eScription document distribution ensures the smooth, prompt distribution of documents to support patient care.

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  • With role-based distribution copies can be sent to, for example 'the attending clinician', 'the speaker' or 'the referring clinician' - roles that are associated with each particular dictation.
  • Copies can be distributed based on how a recipient prefers to receive documents; one recipient's copy may go by fax, another by email.
  • Easy to maintain print templates keep documents consistently formatted.
  • Fast, reliable, printing and faxing.



Distribute Documents Where They Are Needed
eScription document distribution provides configurable role-based distribution rules allowing flexible document distribution to a broad spectrum of recipients; the dictating clinician, the attending clinician, or the referring clinician, are just a few of the roles that can be set up and used on a dictation-specific basis. When completed with the eScription transcription tools, documents are distributed based on the distribution rules and the associated clinician preferences. In addition, distribution rules can be configured to distribute documents directly to the printer on the patient's floor, or to specific locations such as the hospital's medical records department. Distribution is triggered automatically when documents are completed, assuring they arrive where they need to be in the shortest amount of time.

Flexible Print Templates
Print templates keep documents consistently formatted and easy to read, and eScription document distribution keeps templates easy to administer. eScription document distribution makes use of the 'business entity' concept within the eScription transcription tools that enables an organisation to define certain departments, clinics, speciality centres or hospital locations, as separate business entities for administering transcription services. Through the power of business entities, the eScription document distribution Template Manager can reduce the myriad templates needed in other systems into a few, flexible print templates that may be used across work types, clinicians, departments and facilities. Supervisors use simple Microsoft Word formatting to add or remove logos, change fonts or insert specific patient visit content to create attractive, branded, and easy-to-read notes and correspondence. With Template Manager, users can edit, test and deploy print template changes quickly and easily and control for printing issues, such as orphan lines and blank pages.

Comprehensive Audit Trail
Quickly view the distribution history of all documents through the eScription document distribution Audit Trail. Tracked through the single EMon® administrative console, along with other aspects of a document's history (pended, signed, etc.) the Audit Trail feature indicates when documents were successfully printed or faxed, and logs successful and failed transmissions.

Streamlined Administration
eScription document distribution, as part of the complete eScription platform, reduces the number of different systems administrators need to manage. eScription document distribution can be part of a single workflow and a single system that starts at dictation and ends with electronic signature and distribution. Access and update the Distribution Rules, Clinician Profiles, Template Manager and Audit Trail from the same EMon system used with the eScription transcription tools.

Fast, Reliable Printing and Faxing
Reduce waiting by having eScription document distribution process multiple distribution jobs simultaneously. Parallel processing speeds printing and reduces bottlenecks. In addition, eScription document distribution reduces distribution failures and time-consuming manual retries by automatically logging and retrying failed prints and faxes. Automating retries assures that the flow of work does not get interrupted.

Integrated with eScription E-Signature
Use eScription e-signature to trigger distributions when documents are electronically signed. eScription e-signature and eScription document distribution are designed to integrate with each other and can stand side-by-side in the document workflow. In addition, clinicians can use eScription e-signature to add and remove CCs from the distribution list of a document, allowing distribution to be tailored to the requirements of each patient visit.

Easy to Implement
Organisations using the eScription transcription tools benefit from a simple upgrade process to add document distribution. The same clinician profiles already in use for computer aided medical transcription are easily expanded to support document distribution, eliminating the need for multiple user databases. eScription document distribution is designed to work with all components of the complete eScription platform, including EMon and eScription e-signature, creating a single, highly efficient system for document creation and distribution throughout the health care enterprise.

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