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Dragon Medical Tested

Vendor Self Evaluation Results

Potential Configurations

Config. 1. Both Dragon Medical and the vendor’s software running on a local fat client system.

Config. 2. Both Dragon Medical and the vendor’s software running on Citrix®.

Config. 3. Windows based Dragon Medical used to dictate in vendor’s web-based application.

Config. 4. Dragon Medical running on local fat client and vendor’s software running on Citrix.

Note: Pass criteria for this configuration is less stringent than for configurations 1 to 3. Aspects of some competencies, including correction support, audio preservation, navigation in text, native Dragon edit box support and formatting support are either not applicable in this configuration or optional.



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The Catalis Accelerator EMR has a graphical interface for multi-speciality medical complaint templates, physical examination, and Rx. The encounter is automatically documented including the narrative produced by natural language processing. Visit or email for more information.

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Dragon Medical Vendor Self Evaluation

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