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PowerScribe 360 | Reporting for
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One giant leap in radiology reporting accuracy, control and speed

PowerScribe 360 | Reporting is a powerful radiology reporting platform that combines speech recognition technology, data capture, multi-site workflow and structured reporting in a single platform. This next-generation platform provides real-time speech recognition and dictation, transcription and correction workflow, printing, faxing, coding, peer review, integrated clinical content and extensive administrative tools.

PowerScribe 360 | Reporting also offers a Web Services API that allows healthcare facilities and third party solutions providers to integrate applications directly into this extensible platform. By providing more than just dictation and report creation, PowerScribe 360 | Reporting takes radiology speech recognition reporting to the next level while redefining the industry standard.

PowerScribe 360 | Reporting Benefits for RadWhere Users

  • Increased accuracy and efficiency with Dragon® Medical 10 speech recognition
  • Advanced documentation and workflow features for enhanced flexibility and workflow options
  • Enhanced MT workflow with return workflow, AutoText access, keystroke shortcuts, USB foot pedal support, sections, worklists and more
  • Expandable and scalable beyond speech recognition to support future business requirements

Improved Accuracy

With Dragon Medical, PowerScribe 360 | Reporting delivers speech technology with increased accuracy compared to what you are using today.

On average, RadWhere 3.0 customers will benefit from a 20% word error reduction rate. In addition to these accuracy improvements, radiologists will also benefit from the following:

  • Additional international and regional user accent support
  • Improved "Correct that" workflow
  • Enhanced vocabulary management tools
  • System-wide acoustic and language model assignment
  • Expanded text formatting and auto correction functionality including date and time formatting without the need to dictate "slashes"

Enhanced Workflows

The PowerScribe 360 | Reporting platform also provides new workflows and advanced features that make radiologists more productive:

  • Enhanced Workflow Orchestrator (paid option) provides a unified radiologist worklist that can integrate multiple RIS and PACS
  • Optional integration with Nuance Healthcare’s eScription platform
  • Advanced macro and template capabilities:
    • New fill-in field definition to omit fields from "warn if blank" setting
    • Supports keystroke shortcuts for AutoTexts
    • Multiple voice AutoText entries in succession
    • Supports RadWhere™ 3.0 macro import
  • New "press-to-transcribe" voice recognition mode
  • New voice commands:
    • Insert today’s and yesterday’s dates
    • Beginning and end of line
    • Beginning and end of document
  • Wet read workflow support
  • Auto-feed workflow automatically loads the next order in the worklist for reporting
  • Resident workflow updates including report reject options and unsigned report ownership acquisition
  • Reset a report to draft status
  • Ability to invoke fax at sign-off
  • Enhanced Peer Review with modality-based intervals, prior report age assignment, user-based participation and ACR RADPEER™ 1.1 specifications (paid option)
  • Enhanced Assisted Diagnosis module with user configurable favorites, homepage designation and multi-findings search (paid option)

Redesigned Interface

The PowerScribe 360 | Reporting user interface is designed to provide radiologists with efficient access to more information in order to improve their productivity:

  • Customizable user interface including user configurable "My Reports" task pane
  • Ability to rearrange columns in the Explorer screen
  • New user preferences and workflow options
  • New speech toolbar and audio menu settings
  • New context-sensitive online help updates
  • New text highlighting features (plain text, dictated text, AutoText, and more)
  • Ability to include impression audio with PowerScribe 360 | Critical Results messages
  • Ability for sites to turn off signature confirmation dialog window
  • Lightweight, browser-based portal for:
    • Radiologists to access reports remotely
    • Technologists to enter data
    • Referring physicians to access reports
  • Front desk staff to scan documents

Admin Tools

  • Full and restricted administrator access rights
  • Enhanced order, report previews and status updates
  • Ability to retrieve report audio
  • Ability to copy user preferences
  • User-based and system access audit trail
  • Report content download options including report text, audio and concordance data
  • Robust report/patient audit trail with detailed data and report text versions for every report
  • Real-time dashboard with enhanced inbound/outbound order activity
  • Configurable acoustic and language model adaptation
  • Configurable printing and fax templates, headers and footers
  • New management reports including author productivity, editor productivity, turnaround time, report analysis and AutoTexts

New Architecture

In addition, PowerScribe 360 | Reporting provides:

  • Expandable and scalable solutions for today's and tomorrow's radiology business requirements
  • True multi-site, multi-tenant architecture
  • Lightweight, browser-based portal for your administrators, radiologists, technologists and referring clinicians
  • Web Services API that provides an open platform for custom application development in order to better integrate with your IT infrastructure
  • Supports the latest operating systems and platforms:
  • Windows® Server 2008:
    • Microsoft® SQL Server 2008
    • Windows® 7 OS
    • Internet Explorer® 8.0 and 64-bit OS workstations (32-bit emulation mode)
  • Supports VMware® virtual environments
  • Supports Microsoft Failover Clustering
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