• Save time and money!
    Quite simply: the more you buy, the more cost effective the program becomes. Your pricing is based on the size of your transaction. The Nuance Diamond Licence Program provides an easy-to-understand pricing structure. Why have a small number of users take advantage of Nuance's product range by making traditional purchases of 'shrink-wrap' products, when everyone could be using the same products by purchasing a licence, at a fraction of the original cost?
  • All the support you'll need... and quick!
    Ever had to sit on the phone, waiting for technical support, only to find you are part of a long queue, while you are being charged at a premium rate? As an option of the Nuance Diamond Licence Program, Nuance offers the Nuance Diamond Support Program, where users can take advantage of a local telephone number for all support queries, plus priority handling of all licence users calls!
  • Simple and easy!
    With the Nuance Diamond Licence program, you only need one physical product. The licence allows users to install the same software on the specified number of machines. No more calls to register products; no more manuals and boxes littering the office; no more inconsistency of versions - everybody is using exactly the same product.

Benefits for organisation

  • Low minimum requirement
    The Nuance Diamond Licence Program is available for customers wishing to install 5 or more copies of software within their organisation.
  • Simple installation
    One installation code for all products; one CD-ROM can be used to install the software on multiple computers within your organisation. Nuance licence products have an extremely simple installation process.
  • No reporting needed
    You do not need to fill in reports on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  • Cost-effective purchases
    The Nuance Diamond Licence Program offers low-cost ways to purchase the Nuance award-winning software products with discounts of up to 38%. This volume purchase program offers deeper discounts for larger purchases, while maintaining an easily-reachable entry level of 5 units for minimum purchase.
  • Easy planning for software budgets
    Based on simple calculation, the Nuance account manager can help you by offering a custom-made solution. Based on your company's growth projections, the account manager can help you establish your IT budgets.
  • Clearly legal software
    The customer obtains the full right to copy the software on the number of computers that has been agreed. It is easy to track software ownership, version numbers of licences and platforms.
  • Home use rights included
    All qualified personnel are eligible to take advantage of a product. If an employee or faculty, staff, or administration member (but not enrolled student) is the primary user then they can run the software on his or her computer for home use at no additional charge.
  • Mix and match among software titles and platforms
    It is a simple and flexible method the more licences you buy, the bigger discount you get.
  • Easy management
    There is no need to wait for specific orders to be delivered. Once you have a product and the issued licence agreement, you can start installing the software on the workstations.
  • Pre sales support
    A Nuance account manager can help you in selecting the right product and the right services; he will assist you with product information, technical questions and presentations.