Whether you are a large organisation, small or medium sized business or a educational institution, Nuance has developed a flexible licencing program that suits your needs. If your organisation uses or wishes to use multiple copies of Nuance software, the Nuance Diamond Licence Program is the most cost effective and efficient way for your company to take advantage of volume purchase discounts on licences of Nuance's award-winning software. The Nuance Diamond Licence Program is a certificate-based program; you simply purchase one retail or low-cost media pack from your reseller, and Nuance supplies a certificate authorising you to make one copy, or installation, for each licence purchased. It's that simple. And, unlike many other software licences that have a limited term, with Nuance once you've purchased your licence, it's yours for life.

Typical Diamond Licence Users

The Nuance Diamond Licence Program is designed for corporate, government, education and small business customers who like to receive significant savings on Nuance software licences. The Nuance Diamond Licence Program offers you an opportunity to lower your total cost of licencing. You can benefit from Nuance's world-class productivity applications while receiving reduced licence fees. Business and educational institutions qualify for volume licencing with orders as small as 5 licences. Nuance products that are ordered through the Nuance Diamond Licence Program are licenced to a specific company or corporation that is one legal entity with one tax number.

Exclusive Programs for Diamond Licence Program Participants

In addition, Nuance offers three optional programs that help you implement Nuance software in your organisation at a reduced cost.

  • Nuance Diamond Support Program
    The Nuance Diamond Support Program offers an easy access towards support of Nuance products. With a Nuance Diamond Support Program certificate containing telephone number and registration number, you are entitled to direct support from Nuance. Your calls are prioritised in order not to lose valuable time.

  • Nuance Diamond Maintenance Program
    The maintenance program keeps your investment current by continuously upgrading covered products for a period of one year. You will be billed for one year at the moment of purchase of the Nuance products. Using the Nuance Diamond Maintenance Program you will be able to keep current with the latest and most innovative Nuance products. The Nuance Diamond Maintenance Program offers you all updates, upgrades and bug fixes. Nuance will automatically send Nuance Diamond Maintenance Program partners all upgrades for their covered products. Bug fixes and product enhancements can be downloaded from Nuance's Web site.

  • Nuance Diamond Training Program
    The Nuance Diamond Training Program can include a full on-site training program exclusively for Nuance Diamond Licence Program customers. Training programs can also be built upon your request, based on the projects that are running in your organisation.

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