Clintegrity 360 Government Support

Supporting the Departments of
Veterans Affairs and Defense

Here you can find support for Nuance Clintegrity 360, formerly the Quantim
suite of products. Not a federal government agency? No problem. You can find
commercial support here.

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This section supports the following products

Clintegrity 360 | Encoder Product Suite
Clintegrity 360 | Facility Coding
Clintegrity 360 | Compliance
Clintegrity 360 | Physician Query Tracking
Clintegrity 360 | EPS Central Reporting
Clintegrity 360 | Enterprise Claim Scrubber
Clintegrity 360 | Interlink
VIP Director
VIP Workplace

Clintegrity 360 | ICD-10 Simulator
Clintegrity 360 | VA CDI Pro
Clintegrity 360 | VERA Analyzer
Clintegrity 360 | VA Chart Complete
Clintegrity 360 | Correspondence Management
Clintegrity 360 | HL7 Server

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